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visitor address
Jan de Bakkerstraat 13-15
3441 ED Woerden
The Netherlands
post address
Albertus Perkstraat 88
1217 NW Hilversum
The Netherlands
024 – 323 77 39

Astrid Schipper

Astrid, as an external consultant, has over 25 years of experience in facilitating change in organisations. This has brought her a great deal of knowledge and style flexibility, assets that Astrid gladly uses as change and programme manager for Involve. She switches quickly between various roles and playing fields. Frameworks and planning are always necessary, however for her, they are never the only handhold. Astrid keeps a strong eye on the people responsible for the implementation. From an understanding of behavioural preferences and patterns in collaboration, she builds a safe and stimulating climate in which to facilitate change. Process interventions have her particular attention: for her, it is important to be attentive and visible in the dynamics of the moment.


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