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What we offer

Involve works for ambitious clients who are keen to embrace their organisations more fully. They may be facing a radical transformation, a reorganisation, or a merger or takeover. Clients who believe, as we do, that organisational change is always about people at the end of the day. We design and support change processes where people will be on the move. We do this by providing a clear direction that they will feel part of. And by offering scope to play an active part themselves in the change process, thus building towards the future.

We are pragmatic at Involve: we step in and help you to achieve concrete results. To do this, we have more than 25 driven professionals qualified in change and communication, leadership and programme management. We are also fully aware of developments in the sectors where we operate: from retail to financial services, from education to care, from the construction sector to industry.

Managing change

Strengthening the leadership of change plays an important part in all of our assignments, because managing a team or an entire organisation undergoing change is both interesting and challenging. For administrative or management teams, this raises questions like: How do you get on the same page about the desired change and the best way of achieving it? How do you make smart choices together so that the organisation gets adequate direction? And for all managers, the questions include: How do you ensure that your people will accept ownership of the change? How can you connect the intrinsic motivation of team members to the change objectives? How do you ensure that you are visible as management and how do you provide your own shining example?

We look into how individual managers deal with the questions outlined above and what they may need to play their part to best advantage. And we help management teams and group leaders to march forward in step, presenting a joint management front and supporting each other in the challenges they encounter. In practice, these seem to be important factors for success in organisational change.

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