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Merger and acquisitions

Integrating organisations after mergers and acquisitions is not an easy task. They encompass altering organisational structures and reporting lines and merging units, departments and systems. They require solving numerous operational issues. Above all, mergers and acquisitions mean taking people through impactful change processes. Teams have to reshape themselves, roles are scrapped or altered, new moral codes and values emerge, while at the same time people may feel a sense of loss, not being understood or heard. Even without political issues, many organisations are usually occupied with integrating for a long time after mergers and acquisitions.

However, integration is not a purpose in itself. Organisations link up to create benefits of scale, strengthen their market positions or create new market propositions. A troublesome integration process can be in the way of cashing in on synergies.

That makes it all the more important to share an inspirational vision for the future based on the strength and unicity of both partners with the new units in the organisation from the announcement date forward. It is important to help leaders support their people, focusing on ensuring they understand and appreciate each other, each other’s cultures and history. And it is important to involve the teams in the changes necessary to meet the ambitions that motivated the merger. That includes creating a shared focus on the external world – that is the fastest way to a smooth integration.

We support clients in the change and communication challenges in every phase of the process. Even prior to the partner in the merger being publicly announced. We help the organisations involved to create an inspiring vision for the merged organisation based on the formal decisions and plans. We work to create change readiness in the run up to the integration as well as design and facilitate the integration process.

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