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Change and communication

A real estate company understands that digitalisation and sustainability will dramatically transform its sector. A care organisation has to find innovative treatments due to financial pressure. One retail company is taking over a competitor. A technology company realises that it needs to pay more attention to efficiency after a period of rapid growth.

These are all examples of organisations that must make fundamental changes to their way of operating to stay successful. As a result, the changes often affect various organisational aspects: processes and management control, systems, products and service models, culture and behaviours. Ensuring programs and projects deliver the conditions to enable change. That does not mean things will actually change. Ultimately, it’s the organisational teams that have to make the change in their daily work.

We put the latter right at the centre of our change strategies. Successful change results from creating a shared vision of the necessary organisational changes – right from the start. It results from being able to motivate teams and enabling them to shape the targeted changes themselves. From formal and informal leaders who lead the change based on an inspirational vision. At the same time, we incorporate the necessary preconditions, such as effective communications, developing the necessary skills, and embedding the change in management control and other business processes.

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