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No reorganisation is alike. Drastically cutting costs makes for a totally different reorganisation than transformation or merging departments. Reorganisations have one thing in common however: they are driven top-down, disrupt daily operations and affect the individual work environment of the managers and employees involved. So, speed and due care are essential aspects of reorganisations. Disregard of that in terms of both messaging and process will trigger distrust in employees, not just in the ones affected but in their non-affected colleagues as well. Reorganising successfully is similar to a military operation: careful preparation, detailed planning, diligent leadership, vigorous execution. These are the prerequisites needed to allow maximum attention for the needs of the people impacted by reorganisations.

We help our clients to steer their organisations and their people through reorganisations without undue damage. We assess who the stakeholders involved are and how they are impacted. We design an effective change and communication strategy and take on execution in the best way possible. We train managers to have tough conversations, for instance, or to deal with their teams’ grief. And we ensure that the entire process is carried out transparently and respectfully, targeted at creating a new basis that the organisation can start building from again afterwards.


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