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visitor address
Jan de Bakkerstraat 13-15
3441 ED Woerden
The Netherlands
post address
Albertus Perkstraat 88
1217 NW Hilversum
The Netherlands
024 – 323 77 39

Celine Brus

Celine works as a medior change managementconsultant. She uses her broad experience to support organizations in change with well-considered analysis, practical advice and hands-on guidance.
Previous experience as a consultant decision making in the national energy transition has shown Celine the complexity of change. She takes understanding with her in analyzing and advising organizations in change. Celine has (among others) experience in change and transition processes in public organizations, healthcare and education.

Celine also works as a trainer and workshop facilitator. In her training courses, Celine pays attention to themes within changing organizations such as communication, behavior and connection. She gives these training courses in Dutch and English.


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