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A day in the life of an Involver

So you work at Involve, but what does an average day hold for one of our consultants? Read about it in this blog by one of our consultants!

“It’s Wednesday morning, and I’m ready to start my workday. It’s just past nine o’clock when I slide behind my desk with a fresh cup of coffee. I open my laptop and first review my to-do list. During this morning, I work from home for one of my clients, an educational institution that’s about to merge with another educational organisation. It’s quite exciting as they want to involve employees in the process as much as possible. Until 10:30 a.m., I work on a proposal for an employee meeting. Afterwards,  I answer a few questions from colleagues on our Microsoft Teams chat and draft an email about a quote for a new project.

At 11 a.m., I have a videocall with the colleague I started on a new assignment with last week. Involve has been asked to help an international leader in the automotive industry bring their new strategy to life. We discuss the project’s progress and also share what we hope to learn from it. At the start of any project, we habitually share the things we want to further develop professionally during the assignment.

After lunch, I quickly hop on my bike and head to the train station. This afternoon, I’ll be conducting a few interviews for the new project. I have prepared the interviews and dot the I’s on the train. Today, I’m also interviewing the Chief Human Resource Officer and the Chief Operational Officer. I’m curious to hear what they have to say about the strategy program so far. Additionally, I answer some emails about the ‘Bureaudag’ (Office Day) scheduled for this Thursday. Every month, all Involve consultants come together on the Bureaudag; at this day-long event, we reflect on various topics in our professional and simply enjoy each other’s company.

After the interview, I leave my client’s office and walk back to the train station. I have a meeting scheduled with a colleague at a café nearby. We’ll spend a few hours working on sessions for the automotive client. In between, we enjoy coffee and have a chat about work and other things. Collaborating like this can be quite enjoyable!

On the way back, I organize my interview notes and fill in the day’s time registration in our online system. My phone rings—it’s my education sector client with feedback on the program proposal I worked on this morning. Taking notes for tomorrow’s to-do list, my working day draws to a close. Before I jump off the train, I think up what I’ll be having for dinner tonight and quickly jot down a grocery list – that needs to be done too!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

If you’d like to work like this, you can read all about it here: Working at Involve


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