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LKQ Fource

LKQ Fource is a distribution and service company in the automotive industry in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Their offering includes car parts and tools as well as concepts for car workshops, innovative solutions, and a range of relevant training. LKQ’s challenge was to centralize and mechanize its logistics, aiming to better serve its customers and prepare its organization for the future. 

The company has been building a single mechanized distribution centre in Berkel en Rodenrijs, from which it will serve its locations. The operation entails bringing the activities of the current five distribution centers spread across the Netherlands to the new centre a location at a time. Involve supported LKQ Fource in this change, ensuring LKQ’s employees were being informed well and enabled to process the change.

We have been involved from the moment building work on the new location started. We began by analysing the impact of the change on the various employee groups, looking at how they were being informed and who were the crucial people doing so.

Additionally, we made the change tangible for employees, finding ways for them to follow progress. Covid limited us in taking employees along in the development and commissioning of the new centre. We also had to consider that, depending on location, work or work environments in the logistic operations differ. Therefore, we set up solid processes with every new announcement to inform people and prepare them for the next steps. Our strategy allowed for the differences in impact of the change and ensured customized communications for both employees who were affected directly and employees who were not, but who were still curious about the new location.

The result of our work was a new, smoothly running mechanized distribution centre, with employees who were all familiar with their role, tasks, and contribution.

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