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Jan de Bakkerstraat 13-15
3441 ED Woerden
The Netherlands
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Albertus Perkstraat 88
1217 NW Hilversum
The Netherlands
024 – 323 77 39

Ilse van Ravenstein

Ilse has more than 30 years of experience in change processes, strategy development and implementation, designing and supervising interactions and helping others to do all this themselves. Ilse quickly understands what is needed, comes to the point, makes complex situations clear and always sees a different side or solution to an issue. She has a passion for what moves people and how we can make things (even) better for people and organizations.

She has experience in a wide range of organizations. From telecommunications and energy to retail and logistics, as well as healthcare and education. She has worked for large corporates and family business. The assignments vary from CEO or entrepreneur coaching and intervision to (supervision) leading major changes in organization, processes/systems or circumstances.
These changes always have a (major) impact on employees, which is why Ilse has an eye for what the change requires of them and their (informal) leaders. And what it takes to facilitate them in doing so.


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