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visitor address
Jan de Bakkerstraat 13-15
3441 ED Woerden
The Netherlands
post address
Albertus Perkstraat 88
1217 NW Hilversum
The Netherlands
024 – 323 77 39

Lea Kerssens

Lea is a driven and curious junior consultant who is fascinated by the dynamics within organizations. She is analytical and pragmatic with a strong hands-on mentality.

With a master in Communication Science, Lea brings the tools to deal with organizational complexity and change. She has specialized in organizational communication, gaining insights on the intersection between work & technology, the power of positive organizing, and the impact of vision, strategy and leadership. That’s why she looks at change from a “people first” perspective, taking into account how every stakeholder plays a part in creating a successful outcome.

Through prior work experiences, she developed a broad view on organizations from different organizational perspectives, such as: logistics, PR and internal communications. This enables her to look at assignments through a cross-disciplinary lens and  to think of innovative solutions.

Her studies and previous work experiences have taken her from Germany to Mexico and the Netherlands. Because of this, she has strong language skills in German, Dutch, English and Spanish.


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