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Jan de Bakkerstraat 13-15
3441 ED Woerden
The Netherlands
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Albertus Perkstraat 88
1217 NW Hilversum
The Netherlands
024 – 323 77 39

Sanne van Eijl

As an enthusiastic and creative communication student, Sanne is eager to learn everything about change and internal organisational challenges. For her graduation, she will focus on rituals and traditions within Involve, until June 2024. Committed to getting the most out of the coming months, she is also keen to work on interesting assignments, next to her graduation project.

Sanne did an internship at a PR-agency and was able to develop her skills in online communications. Her Minor in PR and crisis communication enhanced her observation techniques and helped her learn how to adapt and function in unexpected stressful situations. In 2019, Sanne received a certificate as management assistant/executive secretary. Her management skills are manifested in her perfectionistic, committed, and structured way of working. Armed with this knowledge and experience, Sanne aims to acquire more understanding of the human aspect of change and communication.


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