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Our own Change proces

“When you are in the midst of a change, you often don’t see it. It’s only when you look back over a longer period of time that you can see the steps you’ve taken. We’ve experienced this with Involve over the past few years. We’ve undergone a great development. From being a true specialist in change communication to now being a broad change specialist with a focus on people and behavior. You can see this even more clearly on our new website from today.” 

Michiel van Delden: “We still have our expertise in internal communication, but now we help our clients throughout the entire change process. For example, during a transformation, reorganization, or merger. How can an organization truly get moving? Over the past few years, we have further expanded our expertise in change and expanded our team with psychologists, anthropologists, business experts, and change specialists. We are really working on different projects than we did a few years ago.”

Ilse van Ravenstein: “However, people who have been following Involve for years will recognize our DNA and our perspective on organizations. Perhaps even more so. We are an agency that not only advises, but also gets on board and helps out. We focus not only on the content but especially on the people who shape a change in their practice together. That has not changed over the years.”

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